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Magic mascara? Not so much…

I recently came across this ad for a new mascara and was taken aback     at just how obviously “unreal” these lashes looked. I won’t bother naming the brand because it’s kind of irrelevant as it seems this type of false advertising has become all too common recently. The ad features a set of amazingly luxurious eyelashes that one has to wonder, “how ever did they achieve such an extraordinary look with mascara alone?”  Well here is the shocker, they didn’t! Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of great mascara’s out there that can do amazing things, but unless you were born with naturally full lashes, no mascara alone will provide you with this look, it just ain’t gonna happen. To further illustrate my point I included a photo of the same model without the help of this “miracle mascara” below. I think the differences speak for themselves. I’m sharing this with you all because I think its important that you guys understand if you aren’t getting this same result from your mascara it’s not your technique or your wimpy lashes it’s just plain old false advertising. There are a few important factors at play here, the obvious one being Photoshop. The other one is definitely more sneaky, she’s gotten some help from false lashes! Yup, those puppies are not from mascara alone! It really makes me wonder how companies are able to just blatantly deceive their customers like this with no consequences, shouldn’t there be guidelines in place to prevent the complete misrepresentation of your product??

Don’t worry though; it’s not all bad because I am here to help!! Read on for some of my best tips to take your lil’ ol’ tube of mascara and get the best lashes that “you” can get out of it no falsies required.

Step one, let’s just get the basics out of the way and assess what type of lashes you A) have and B) want to achieve. Feel free to skip ahead if you need to. Example, if you have long thin lashes with not much thickness than you obviously want to seek out a more volumizing formula, which will add bulk and thickness near the root. Vice versa if your lashes are dense but not that long a volumizer will just create a mess and you won’t get the length you are hoping for so go after product that lengthens. If you are looking for seriously big lashes you are going to want to seek out  a full service mascara that provides length and fullness.  Make sense?? Now it’s onto technique.

Ok, so first things first, I always recommend curling your lashes first. It’s a really important step that will help to open the eye up, definitely do this first before mascara as if you do it after mascara is applied you can damage your eyelashes and you will probably get an obvious crimp at the base. While keeping your eye open and looking straight ahead into the mirror place the lash curler as close as possible to the base of the lashes and squeeze twice, then repeat the process on the other eye. Repeat the process again if you still feel like you need more curl. Side note: I love the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, it really gives a great curl with no visible crimp in the lash, just sayin’.

Second: try to make sure you don’t have too much product on your wand, you can remove some by running it over the opening of the tube, just remember to not let too much product build up around the opening or it will get messy! So taking your wand you want to start at the base of the lashes and get a good wiggle going, this works to both get the product onto the lashes while separating them at the same time. Continue the wiggle all the way to the ends of lashes also helps to add that extra length. Continue this process once on each eye and then depending on how much volume you are looking for go back and work the same “wiggle” technique but concentrate on just the base of lashes this time. Finish with my favorite technique for extra oomph. Try following me on this if you can-basically use the tip of the wand to focus the product on just the outer lashes and instead of using an outward motion like usual try pulling the tip from the base of the outer lashes and move the wand outwards toward your ear. This will help add a little extra length and drama to the ends of your lashes. Hopefully that made sense, I’m more of a visual person so may be lacking in the descriptive department a bit but hopefully you get the idea.

Last tip! Try applying a small amount of powder shadow or creamy eyeliner just along the upper lash line. Softly smudge it out with a stiff; shorter hair brush or even a sponge tip eye shadow applicator can work in a pinch just to soften the line. Believe me it really does wonders for giving the illusion of thicker lashes. Ok, that’s all folks- thanks for reading and I wish you all full and fabulous lashes!!

I think these are closer to her “real” lashes, don’t you?!?

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  1. Staphannie

    Dont pump your mascara stick in the tube as this pumps air into it and clogs it up, lootsf people do this and dont realise its no good for the mascara.For fuller lashes try using a volumising mascara, I have long, curly lashes and use Max Factor Masterpiece Max to make them look fuller- Its the best one ive tried and ive tried lots!!Good Luck =)Oo and dont sleep with your mascara on take it off before you go to bed as your should with the rest of your make up

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