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My latest pitch for CityLine was how to dress up your basic jeans and a white T. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to elevate your look with accessories, no matter your age, shape or style. It’s really a simple concept but it appeals to a wide audience and that’s what makes it work.

When I received the go ahead to move forward with this segment I was beyond excited because well, I absolutely love accessories, no seriously I LOVE them!!! Simply put the idea of spending a day shopping for purses, jewelry, scarves, shoes and whatever else I could come up with made me extremely giddy to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my segments equally but this one I could tell was going to be special.
Banana Republic, The Gap and Old Navy all stepped up to supply us with clothing and I was so happy they did because when it comes to basics like jeans and T’s from various styles and price points, in my opinion it doesn’t get any better than these stores.
For my full figured model I had chosen Kristina a blonde bombshell in her early twenties. She was new to CityLine as a model but I thought she would be perfect to represent the young curvy girls out there. To find the perfect jeans for her, Old Navy was an obvious choice as they have a great selection of colours, styles and most importantly sizes! They carry jeans up to a size 18 in stores and online up to a size 20 with 3 different lengths. For a full figured girl this is jean paradise.
The Gap was my next stop and I settled on a distressed relaxed style for my stunning model Amanda. Now The Gap is known for their denim that’s a no brainer but recently they added a line of super comfortable shirts called Gap Pure, that are so soft I dare you to try one on and not walk out of the store wearing it, just try to remember to pay for it first, shoplifting is not ok. Got it?
Moving on to my next and almost final stop, Banana Republic. This is a place where a girl with an accessories addiction such as my own could really fall off the wagon. Their pieces are um, adorable, well priced and sometimes all an outfit needs to give it that little something extra. One of the first pairs of jeans I came across were a timeless boot cut in a super dark wash that I have since decided is the one must have pair of jeans all women should have in their closets, seriously go give them a try, you can thank me later. I grab some amazing pieces of jewelry on my way out and successfully talk myself out of buying, oh pretty much everything and away I go to pull the final pieces for my segment at Aldo. To me Aldo is the perfect place to add the finishing touches to my outfits at prices that can’t be beat. Really any store where I can buy a pair of sunglasses with a twenty and still have change for a latte is right up my alley. At one point I had to actually slap myself on the hand and show some restraint, cause I am a nice person and I know it’s kind of uncool to leave the store with no stock for their other customers.
At this point it seems that I am all done a deep breath and I am filled with relief, things are going along just fine, or so I thought…

Early on Tuesday morning (my segment set to film the following day) I receive an email that no one wants to get. Kristina, my beautiful plus size model is violently ill with the flu. She is on her way to the clinic to get checked out but this is not looking good. So what do I do now? Replace her? Well that’s where it gets tricky, at this point I have already pulled the garments to fit Kristina’s exact measurements, finding another model to fit into her clothing is going to be tough and with only one day notice, even tougher. Thankfully I have the best producer at CityLine and she worked tirelessly to secure a model that would be able to fill in for Kristina, ain’t she something! Crisis averted and I am back to feeling normal, thankfully.

The day of the taping is always a little hairy, there is a ton of product to get ready and in this case I had more than usual, boxes of shoes, bags jackets, jewelry, sunglasses and the list goes on. Not to mention meeting my wonderful plus model Britt who had stepped into save the day. She not only “fit” the clothing I pulled for Kristina but she made it look amazing; I am pretty sure I did a happy dance and hugged her more than was appropriate. With the chaos all around I hadn’t noticed that some of my shoes had failed to make the trip to the studio. So with 6 outfits and only 4 pairs of shoes what is a girl to do? Not much you can do but buckle down and get creative. Stuff like this is inevitable, too much to keep track of and things go missing, they always turn up however in this case not before the show had to start. So after some creative juggling, (including having Britt wear her own shoes) again LIFESAVER, we made it work and I think pretty well. After all you know what they say the show must go on.

Watch the show live here on Cityline


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  1. Cindy

    Hey love! You know you are the bomb-dot-com, right? That segment was great! You rolled with the punches and came out on top! Keep doing your thing: so proud of you!;)

  2. Barbara

    Did you get the dark wash boot cut jeans at Banana Republic Ashleigh? Btw, great job!

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